Peritoneal Loose Body after Adnexa Auto-Amputation in a Patient with Chronic Pelvic Pain

Objective: To report a rare case of peritoneal loose body supposedly originated from adnexa torsion followed by its auto-amputation. Design: Case Report Setting: Tertiary hospital Patient(s): A 27-year-old woman with chronic pelvic pain and a peritoneal loose body found in image exams. Intervention: Laparoscopy, extraction of a peritoneal loose body found in cul-de-sac, adhesionlysis. Main outcome measures: Confirmation of absence of left adnexa by laparoscopy, what suggested auto-amputation. Results: The patient was discharged after 18 hours, without complications and with full recovery from pelvic pain. Conclusions: Auto-amputation of the adnexa, still very rare, can either be congenital or acquired. Although asymptomatic in some women, in most cases a history of acute pain followed by chronic pelvic pain can be elicited. The torsion and separation of adnexa can originate a peritoneal loose body.


Sergio Edgar Camoes Conti Ribeiro, Rafael Lacordia, Sidney Tomyo Nishida Arazawa and Edmund Chada Baracat

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